Green Mountains The Beauty Of Oman

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Jebel Akhdar

Discover Jebel Akhdar - the green mountain. It is neither green nor a single mountain, but a large grey-brown massif covering more than 1,800 square km with several peaks, rising to nearly 3,050 metres. The mountain range is dotted with Omani villages and in many areas, villagers have dug terraces in parts of the mountain for growing crops.

It is about 150km away from Muscat & is perfectly positioned to explore the region’s renowned rugged landscapes, a haven for adventure travellers, nature lovers and those seeking an escape from the desert heat.

Jebel Akhdar is also famous for rose water distillation. Of the thousands of varieties of rose, only a few produce the fragrant oil required to make rosewater, 'damascina' being one of the most famous of this prized varieties.

Wadi Bani Habib

Wadi Bani Habib is one of several interesting villages located on the massive plateau. At first glance the village looks in pretty good shape. Walls, roofs, doors, and windows are mostly intact, as opposed to other abandoned villages in Oman. However, as you walk across the wadi, past the active orchards and the still active mosque, you notice nobody is home. Roofs collapsed, walls crumpled, and doors completely missing. The village is empty and yours to explore.

Tour of Nizwa

Nizwa is one of the oldest cities in Oman and it was once a center of trade, religion, education and art. Its grand mosque was formerly a center for Islamic learning. Nizwa acquired its importance because it has been an important meeting point at the base of the Western Hajar Mountains. It is the historic town of Nizwa, Oman’s cultural capital. Visit the beautiful Nizwa Fort with its massive Circular Cannon Tower, making it one of the most impressive forts in Oman and walk through the traditional Nizwa Souq.

Wahiba Sands

In the heart of eastern Oman, the Wahiba Sands is an ocean of regular dunes that seem to stretch out endlessly. Pale gold at noon, the towering piles of sand shift between rich yellow and coppery orange when the sun is at lower angles. It's an easy way to experience the primal power of the desert from the comfort of luxe camps.

Birkat Al Mouj

Birkat Al Mouz Oman, is one of the most famous villages in ruins in the Sultanate. It is a traditional village in the Nizwa region. Here you will explore the ruins of the Tribes that lived in those mountains, beautiful banana and palm tree plantations, mountains in the background, the traditional falaj irrigation system, which is on the Unesco World heritage list.

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