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Ibri Castle

Ibri Castle is located in the centre of Ibri, adjacent to its old market, in A'Dhahirah Governorate.This castle contains an old-style mosque, characterised by its roof made of compressed gravel. The castle contains four gates - Sabah Al Hara, Sabah Al Barzah, Sabah Al Sinsilah and Sabah Al Awsat. The mosque on its western side is the castle’s most important feature and occupies a large area. The mosque is one of the oldest mosques and the castle has many gates.

As Sulayf Castle

As Sulayf Castle on the edge of Ibri has been sensitively restored to give a flavour of the original without rebuilding all its parts. The castle, which is more than 600 years old and has foundations that are said to predate the arrival of Islam in Oman, has seven towers among the extensive battlements. Quotes from the Quran, Persian dates and hand imprints feature on the underside of some arches.

Al Iraqi Castle

Ibri Castle is located nearby Ibri Souq. It is the perfect place to get a better understanding of Omani customs and traditions. The construction of fort dates back to pre-islam. The two towers, which are different from other forts, date back to more than 200 years - one is built of plaster in tem stories and the other is built of mud.

Al Ainayn Castle

Al Alam Palace, one of six residences of the sultan, has a history of over 200 years, and was built under the watch of Imam Sultan bin Ahmed, the 7th direct grandfather of Sultan Qaboos. The existing palace, which has a facade of gold and blue, was rebuilt as a royal residence in 1972. Al Alam Palace is surrounded by the Mirani and Jalali Forts built in the 16th century by the Portuguese.

Wadi Dhum

Wadi Dhum is probably the most spectacular freshwater wadi in the region, and it ranks highly even on an international scale. It is considered one of the valleys, where tourists can enjoy nature and natural beauty the most. It features clear blue waters, the place is also gifted with an awesome landscape, and a few very old historical landmarks. Wadi Damm is situated near Al Ayn village, Wilayat Ibri, Al Dhahirah region of Oman. It is about 45 km from Ibri city.

Wadi Al Hajer

Wadi Al Hajar is one of the important tourist attractions in the Wilayat of Ibri. With the return of water in the valley, the destination is witness to a robust tourist inflow. It sits in the lap of the mountains of the Wilayat of Ibri in Al Dhahirah Governorate and is one of the most important tourist attractions in the Governorate. Wadi Al Hajer, famous for its fields and farms irrigated by the aflaj flowing through it.


Bilad village is the oldest village in Oman. It was built about 500 years ago. It is located in the wilayat of Manah.

Wadi Al Fatah

Wadi Al Fatah is one of the famous tourist valleys in the Wilayat of Dhank in the Governorate of Al Dhahirah. It is located in the north of the wilaya and is about 40 km away from its centre. The valley passes through the mountains and is characterized by abundance of water throughout the year, which increases after rains. The course of the valley is flanked by trees, which are located in the mountaineous areas. It is a natural outlet to enjoy the place and its natural life components, where the lush shadows and flowing water gives special fun. It also includes rocks of various shapes and colours including spotless white rocks.

Wadi Fida

Sultanate of Oman has a lot of wadis. One of theses wadis is Wadi Fida. Wadi Fida, in the wilayat of Dhank, offering charm and variety as it cuts a swathe through the Dhahirah region. The plants that grow in the wadi are palms, lemon, bananas, crops, flowers… and so on.

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